It happened so slowly. Took years of unconscious, unnoticed growth, until visibility was just about gone. The pathway used to be here. I know, I lay the flagstones myself. Walked over them countles…

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It happened so slowly. Took years of unconscious, unnoticed growth, until visibility was just about gone. The pathway used to be here. I know, I lay the flagstones myself. Walked over them countless times, enjoying the shapes of the different stones, the measured distance between them, how they guided me forward from one place to another.The grass had slowly claimed them, covered them over, lost to the view.

One day, I decided to uncover them. I took a couple of tools with me, a tarp to toss the debris onto, and headed to the walkway. I scraped and tugged and cleared the growth of years from each flagstone, moving from one covered stone to the next covered, until all of the pathway was again visible.

The tarp with all of the grass and dirt was heavier than I expected! I dragged it to our yard waste compost area and heaved it off of the tarp. After brushing the dirt from my hands, folding and putting my tools and tarp away, I walked back to the walkway and gazed at what a difference some attention had made to it. I was grateful I had had the presence of mind to take a before and after photo of the walkway! It occurred to me  that this was a vivid analogy of my life. What part of me had I allowed to go unconscious, unnoticed until that part was hidden, almost lost? What debris was weighing me down, making me drag myself through my days?

I am again more mindful as I wake up each morning. It takes more effort to be present to each moment, to remember to be Joyful, to be grateful. to be giving and receiving, to be Loving, yet these efforts are what help to keep me uncovered. Uncovered from the slow, unnoticed emotions of negativity that can creep in. Can cloud my vision, make my actions not of my best intentions. The load has been lifted. I can once again remember to Stand Tall, and I shall do so.


–The tiny pebble placed at the apex of the cairn, the larger boulders underscored by its presence.

–The airplane and its vapor trail across the blue morning sky calls my attention to the numerous X marks the spot from crisscrossing planes. I am reminded that treasures are abundant. Be aware. Believe. Be in action and achieve.








The Beginning Falls Where the Ending Starts” – Aristotle


Way back in the early weeks of this Master Key Master Mind Experience we were required to write and post a Press Release/ Press Article of how our life would shake out and be written about at some future point. I used the above quote on my press article. We as a group have now reached an ending point to our six months course and it truly is a beginning point as well. When this course began six months ago, the ending seemed so far away. There was so much I was doing, and reading and changing with this experience and now I feel that the weeks flew by in an instant.

I have a deeper understanding of myself, a knowing of who I am, what I desire, and how to follow my heart on my Hero’s journey. I look at my “movie poster” and wiggle in delight at what I see pictured, knowing that it is already there in the reality of that present. I have new habits to guide me- a compass to follow my heart with, always in gratitude for all I observe and experience. I have tools to use in moments of doubt or fear and know to always offer my Love and to be of Service.

I have promises to keep, gifts to give without expectation of reciprocity because I know I am in the flow of giving and receiving. I accept moments as they are because it is all as it should be. I do not struggle against the whole Universe by struggling with its moments. I take responsibility for my situations and see opportunities in disguise of problems, just waiting for me to transform them into a greater benefit. I feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. I am open to all points of view and not attached to any one of them.

If my actions are motivated by Love, I have unlimited energy. I can do my work of the day in a completely successful way. My life is what I believe in. My thoughts are powerful, constructive and positive. Each breath I take is with the intention of inspiration. I am relaxed and peaceful and experience life as a joyous dance. I trust my higher self and listen with love to my inner voice.

I have an understanding and a knowing that the Law of Success is service built on integrity and justice. What benefits one must be of benefit to all, it is as essential to give as to get or it will all pass away. As fellow MKMMA Barb Grazier said- “There is plenty of money in my life, and I like to share it!” And in order to express Harmony in my life, I must think Harmony, in order to express Health, I must think Healthy, and in order to express Abundance, I must think Abundance no matter what the evidence of my senses may perceive. I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, Happy, the absolute truth is that the real “I” is perfect and complete. Is spiritual and is never less than perfect and is one with the Universal Mind.

The price to pay for this Master Key? To be wise enough to understand, broad enough to weigh the evidence, firm enough to follow MY own judgment, and strong enough to make the sacrifices that are exacted by being on this hero’s journey. To first put into my life that what I wish, and desire. We truly do live in a wonderful, beautiful, world. One must only wake to the knowledge of Truth to really see these splendors and to embrace and claim all that is already ours.

I am so very humbled and grateful, Mahalo!



The Physiology of Fright

Lilianne Mujica-Parodi, clinical neuroscientist and biomedical engineer at Stony Brook University in New York

  1. Fear is first detected in the brain’s sensory cortexes. It is then filtered through the thalamus, which sends a signal down two pathways: First, to the amygdala, which causes you to freeze before you’re even aware of the threat, and then to the prefrontal cortex, where it is more closely analyzed.
  2. The amygdala signals the prefrontal cortex to “watch out” and tells the nervous system to release chemicals such as cortisol (which orders glucose into your bloodstream, priming you to fight or flee) and to speed up your breathing and heart rate (pumping oxygen to your muscles).
  3. Your brain floods with opioids, morphine-like compounds that act as painkillers. “That way you won’t notice the pain as you fight or run,” Mujica-Parodi says. (If you’ve ever been in a fender bender but didn’t notice your soreness until a few days later, opioids may explain why).
  4. Once the fright has passed, the autonomic nervous system swings into action, calming your body. It often overshoots, leaving you more relaxed than before the ordeal began. “Our research has shown that many skydivers hit the ground yawning,” says Mujica-Parodi. “They parachute to relax.”


The benefits of Fear

  1. Speed and strength– under normal conditions, the brain keeps a cap on how hard your muscles can work. But when the stakes are high, being scared can make you faster and stronger than you ever thought possible.
  2. Focus – fear initially brings all your attention to bear on a particular threat so you can excel at figuring out a solution. (It is worth noting that the effect is reversed if the fear is excessive.)
  3. Quicker reflexes– when you feel as if you are falling, you automatically stretch out your hands to catch yourself. Why? The amygdala processes a threat before you consciously do and your body responds instantaneously.


Frustrate– To prevent from attaining a goal or fulfilling a desire: thwart 2. To prevent the fruition of: nullify. (Webster’s New Riverside Dictionary)


As I was procrastinating writing my blog for this week, telling myself I just did not know what I wanted to write about, I picked up an old magazine that I had never gotten around to looking at and started leafing through the pages. Ah, this moment is as it should be, because the whole Universe is as it should be. No struggles, no struggles. I came across an article that talked about fear and how it can cause us to freeze up and get in the way of our goals and then went on to say that if harnessed correctly, the emotion can also be a powerful motivator. Hmm, didn’t we just learn something about doing this?

A couple of days ago I found myself listening to a little voice telling me how frustrated I was feeling. How things were not moving along as quickly as I wanted them to, blah, blah, blah, and then it occurred to me to look up the definition of frustrate. Well, shut the door! Between my fears and frustration – all of my own doing, no wonder things seemingly are at a standstill! Ah, but thank you for new habits, thank you for new patterns of growth and understanding, thank you for realizing that I can change my mood, change my focus, change my reality, change my life. Not just bring relief, but really change and reach my goals and fulfill my desires. Step aside old me, the new me says to bring it all on!





I am normally a quiet person. I do more listening than talking, but I do enjoy a good conversation. I enjoy watching T.V. I enjoy texting. I enjoy playing scrabble and words with friends on my laptop. I enjoy reading and writing, so with all that said, to go 48 hours with no talking, watching, writing, reading or playing games, no looking at e-mail or answering the phone I found I was eager to experience this silence exercise.  I discussed it with my family as to when I wanted to start and when I would finish and what I would and would not be doing. I am so grateful for the support I received from them throughout the entire time. We have a lovely, tiny home, so there are not many options as to where I would be for all of this- my/our bedroom or the living room. While my husband was at work, I would be in the living room and our son, who recently graduated from college, pretty much stayed in his bedroom. When we were all at home and they wanted to watch TV, I would go into the bedroom. My husband and I have little verbal rituals of what we like to say to each other when he is leaving for work, or heading to bed, so in advance I wrote out on index cards what I would normally say to him. Told him when he wants to hear me, just read me instead! So at 5pm on Sunday night, the 9th of March, I began my trek into the silence. I carried with me an index card with 4 lines written on it:

                                                Be Still, and Know I Am God

                                                       Be Still, and Know

                                                                Be Still


I had decided that these were the only words I would read, and they would be my focus for the entire 48 hours. So, at 5pm, I sat down on my bed, read my sentences, closed my eyes and began to contemplate.

I have been in the habit of meditating for 15 to 20 minutes daily so it was not hard to quiet my mind, or to gently bring it back to a focus when it wanders off for adventures of its own, which it did, frequently at first but then not so much as the hours lengthened. I would mentally say all four lines; contemplate on what they meant to me, then just the first sentence for a bit, on through to the last sentence. For variety I would start from the bottom and go up. At some point I was impressed with the shape of the sentences and how they formed a triangle with all of the words on the left reading as Be, and all of the words on the right reading from the bottom up as “Be Still Know God”. For whatever reason I also thought a bit about a partial math formula I vaguely remembered about how if A=B and B=C then A=C. Isn’t that for some kind of triangle? Or maybe it meant that we are all equal to God, or that we all ARE God. This thought was somewhere in the middle of the pre-dawn hours of Monday after having gone to bed around 9the night before, which I never do unless I am sick, so that by 4 I had already been in bed for my usual amount of sleep time!

As the hours added up in silence, I found myself noticing a sense of calmness, peacefulness, energy and joy and very grateful for my life, for the loved ones in my life- family and friends. I felt that all was as it was meant to be. And BE- somewhere around the 35th hour BE came to mean for me that it all just IS, and IS is effortless. No stressing out about outcomes, about what others may think or what opinions they may offer (unbidden). I think I lost about 10 pounds with that thought!

For the last hour of my silence, I sat on my sofa, in my spot for my daily meditation and reflected about what I had thought and done over the last 48 hours. I had gone ahead and done dishes, washed a couple loads of laundry, inadvertently spoken out loud to myself about a pot of soup being too hot to put in the refrigerator and when I opened the door to let one cat outside and asked the other cat if he wanted to go outside too. It would seem I mindlessly talk to myself and my cats occasionally!

During the very last half hour of my silence, to my surprise, I felt a tear trickle down my left cheek as I thought about how all of this had come about, how it was a very strongly suggested exercise to engage in for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance I have been going through for almost six months now and how I am so very grateful to Mark, Davene and Trish for their guidance on this journey. Words are sometimes inadequate to express some feelings.

At the 48th hour I smiled, said Thank you! and stood up into the victory position with my hands over my head and danced a little happy dance. I had completed my journey into silence, come out on the other side a bit wiser and now it was time for me to head off to my Tuesday night bowling, to engage in the land of speaking once more, with a promised vow to myself that I will return to this land of silence once again!



Well for Pete’s sake, really? A cold? Where did this come from? Drippy nose, sneezing, no energy-can I go take a nap, again? A friend very nicely pointed out to me- “You know, colds are emotional.” With my chin on my chest I mumble, “yeah, I know”. And I do know, especially this week while reading cause and effect of thoughts and the vibrations of thoughts. When our thoughts are uplifted, progressive, constructive, courageous, noble, kind or in any other way desirable, we set in motion vibrations that will bring about mental, moral and physical health. Conversely, thoughts of envy, hatred, jealously, criticism, fear, doubt, anxiety or any of a myriad form of strife, the vibrations will bring about discord, disharmony and disease. So, I have to ask myself, no holds barred- “What have my thoughts been to bring about this variety of symptoms? More importantly, what will my thoughts be to bring about a shift in my subconscious mind so that my world within will be reflected in my world without”!
Every cell in our body is intelligent and will respond to the direction we give them, they will create the exact pattern. Therefore I will place perfect images, perfect thoughts of the results I desire and let my creative energies build the perfectly healthy, vibrant body of my predominate thoughts. Joy. Hope. Faith. Love. Serenity. I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy. This phrase has much more meaning to me now than when I first was introduced to it many weeks ago!



I once worked at a place where we made fresh vegetable juice – you came in an ordered a glass and it was made to your specs on the spot. One customer would come in everyday at the same time like clock work. She and I were always at odds with each other for reasons I never could figure out. The first time she came in it was an instant dislike between the both of us. I would dread the time of day when she was about to show up. I would be filled with anger, guilt for being angry, and bafflement at the whole situation. One day I decided I did not want to continue on this way and when she came in for her juice I looked her straight in the eye and simply said “I am sorry. I apologize for I don’t know what, but I know that I no longer want to see you in this light or continue to feel this way, so I am sorry.” Funny thing is, as soon as I said I am sorry, it was as though the sunshine broke through the darkest clouds and I instantly felt wonderful! From then on, I looked forward to when she would come in. I had forgotten about this until now when we are suppose to find ways to use our dark sides as tools. A goodness can never be destroyed, it is a truth, not so for a negative. So if I observe something I perceive as a negative in a different light and it goes away it was never a truth to begin with. I am left only with a reality that can sing and wiggle in harmony and leave me serene.


If I am going to do it, do it large, do it as big as I can think it. Seems I remember a promo from somewhere- Go big or go home! If I think big thoughts and hold them in my consciousness for any length of time allowing them to become impressed upon my subconscious, becoming a pattern that the creative energy can wave into my life and my environment I am all in for that!



What I do depends on what I am and what I am depends on what I think. Just seventeen words to that sentence and if I grasp it’s meaning both intellectually and then emotionally I have in my possession the ability to totally create what I want my life to be like.

One of my most favorite places to visit is the shoreline at Ludington State Park on Lake Michigan. The shore stretches for miles with nothing but sand and fresh water. If one stands still, that is all you will see, well, the people and the birds and the trees way back from the shore of course but you would say that was the all of it. Now imagine that some one approaches you and asks- “Have you seen the lighthouse yet?” The logical response would be “What lighthouse? or even, “What IS a lighthouse?” Now imagine you are told to go to the waters edge and just start walking. The proverbial journey of a thousand steps type thing, if you want to reach something. Even if it is no where in sight, it is only a vision in your mind, a desire to see a lighthouse. So, I am thinking- lighthouse, lighthouse, I want to see this lighthouse. What I am is someone who has a desire, a burning desire and I am inspired to do something about it. I now have a choice- do I start walking towards this thing that I can not see, take someone else’s word that this lighthouse even exits, or do I just sit down and play in the sand? I have actually walked along this shore line, and believe me, from where the Beach house is you would have no idea there is a lighthouse. I walked, and walked, through the waves for a bit, further up on the sandy shore for a bit, back down where the sand melts away from your feet from the pull of the water and still there is no lighthouse to be seen. At a certain point, you start to think that someone was pulling your leg on this one. There is no lighthouse, but what if there is? So you continue on. Shore lines can bend and hide things. They can also unbend so to speak, and reveal things. Up ahead, you blink a couple of times and shake your head a little and maybe quicken your pace a bit. There is a lighthouse! At this point you see only the very top of it. Continue walking and soon the entire building is in your sight. Be bold and walk right up to it and touch it! Claim it, feel it in your heart and mind and be one with it all.


ImageMind. Thought. Action. Form.

During one of my meditations this week these words kept repeating, flowing in and out of my concentration on this weeks lesson. I went so far as to write them down on an index card and stuck it in my copy of The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. I also wrote on an index card a line from this weeks lesson – You may know that thought constantly, eternally is taking form, is forever seeking espression, or you may not, but the fact remains that if your thought is powerful, constructive, and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of your health, your business and your environment; if your thought is weak, critical, destructive and negative generally, it will manifest in your body as fear, worry, and nervousness, in your finance as lack and limitation, and in discordant conditions in your environment. So the power of conscious thought, of choosing my thoughts can and will have a very direct impact on my actions and the form my action takes. I remember a conversation I had with my Dad eons ago about our Minds. At that time I was asking what the difference was between our Mind and our Brains. We never came to a definite conclusion then, but know now,that I sort of grasp the idea that our Mind is part of the Universal Mind, the real and eternal. Our Brain is part of the matter- the form Mind takes, and matter is forever changing, part of the process of continually being created anew. If what I want is to be created anew- I had better be using the power of conscious thought to form the outcome of abundant balance of Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances!